Meet Dr John Kennedy Osuala


With many years of political; leadership, administrative, teaching, writing, and consulting experience, in the Nigerian public arena, whatever the development, scenario, situation, crises, or emergencies may be, in the 2019 Presidential race, Dr. John Kennedy Osuala, is not only equal to, but will surpass the task or challenge, with philosophical equanimity, stoic meekness, extra-ordinary Jesuit humility, winning cheerfulness, endless Gandhian prudence and patience, irrevocable churchillian determination, solid spartan discipline and solomonic wisdom, strictly under the canopy of God Almighty.


John Kennedy Osuala, knows, and understands the Nigerian contemporary political and socio-economic challenges, from grassroots to tree tops. John Kennedy Osuala, has the extra-ordinary humility, to listen to what Nigerians really need, and when Nigerians need them, where Nigerians need them, and how Nigerians need them. John Kennedy Osuala, can identify and set practical, pragmatic, and realistic goals, and objectives, such as Nigeria’s Global One Vision, conceptualized by him and his associates since 1996, for making Nigeria the best nation on earth. John Kennedy Osuala equally knows, and can apply the strategies, tactics, and the fundamental ways, and means, that our Nation’s founding fathers and outstanding national and international statesmen, used to actualize the :desires and wants of all Nigerians in the past.


In short, in the post Buhari era of 2019, a focused, disciplined, diligent, and dynamic leader, such as John Kennedy Osuala, is needed to share with all Nigerians, his wide political and leadership knowledge, and his deep patriotic, and national unity capacities, for purposes of handling our current socio­economic challenges, by embarking on massive industrialization of the economy, massive mechanization of our agriculture, massive compulsory, free qualitative education for all, massive securitization, moralization and disciplining of the civil society, and massive democratization of the military.


Furthermore, John Kennedy Osuala, as a Nigerian President in 2019, will ensure a faster, better, deeper, more extensive, and more sustainable quantitative, and qualitative leap, of the Nigerian economy to a global economic superpower status, within the shortest possible time.


John Kennedy Osuala’s core – leadership qualities can be stated thus: A responsive and responsible leader, action-driven leader, service-driven leader, a professional politician and political consultant, a problem-solving leader, a charismatic and inspirational leader, a highly disciplined and corruption crusader, a dynamic democratic leader, ambassador of peace, unity, equity `and justice and a first class consensus and bridge builder, and the new face of democracy (NFD), in Nigeria of today and tomorrow.


Indeed, John Kennedy Osuala, is a political leader who can move Nigeria from a developing country, or transitional economy, to a developed super power economic status, at a dizzying rate, at the shortest possible time. He is truly a farsighted and focused leader, highly determined to ensure that rule of law, due process, and justice prevail in the overall conduct of national affairs all over the country.