1. John Kennedy Osuala, is well known for having the capacity for developing, monitoring, and evaluating policy ideas, to strengthen and consolidate respect for, and the realization of social, political, cultural, civil and human rights of all Nigerians, irrespective of geo-political zones, gender, class etc. John Kennedy Osuala, will focus as a matter of priority, on increasing the effectiveness of human rights protection by security agencies, improving access to law and legal protection of rights, and promoting cultural legitimacy of human rights, for the more than 350 linguistic groups in Nigeria’s more than 200 million citizens, thereby ensuring total national unity, national liberty, national morality, national equality, national equity, national security, national creativity, national productivity, and national prosperity.


  1. Education as a key component of his Nigeria’s Global One Vision, John Kennedy Osuala, will mobilize our nation’s experts, for conceptualizing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a new programme of injecting heavy doses of entrepreneurship development, and high productivity ethic, original and copy technology fabrication skills, military security and physical sports regimen, Spartan character and moral education matters, into the new curriculum of our education system at all levels, including the members of the National Youth Service Corps Scheme, who will receive full standard military training, to forge our future leaders, as highly disciplined, determined, dedicated and patriotic citizens of a superpower status society.


John Kennedy Osuala, will provide opportunities for stakeholders from our educational institutions, civil societies, and government agencies, to participate in Nigeria’s Global One Vision reform processes, of strengthening our research capacity, knowledge building, and creating strong synergies, between learning, research, policy making, and policy implementation, to impact on the larger society positively, and make the Nigerian education system the best in the world, for the best nation on earth.


  1. On good governance, and civil society development, John Kennedy Osuala, will emphasize and actualize nation-wide programmes of dialogues, discussions, conversations and public debates, on good governance and Civil Society Issues, such as the role of the Nigerian ­State, and the cultural dynamics of responsible, reliable, and active citizenship, as well as the definite inclusion of diverse and dissenting voices, and positive alternative approaches to democratic reform. John Kennedy Osuala will equally emphasize, and actualize the contribution of variegated views from Nigerians on security, education, agriculture, industrialization, science and technology, sports and good governance into one pool of first class strategies and tactics for our overall national success.


John Kennedy Osuala, will definitely support patriotic dialogues, and constructive initiatives that promote democratic processes in peace building, conflict resolution and reconciliation, including providing improved access for disadvantaged and marginalized groups in the Nigerian society.


  1. John Kennedy Osuala, is a mature political leader with a strategic mindset, excellent communication, and relationship-building skills. He has sufficient political sensitivity, and ability to synthesize complex political and economic matters, and set out the key issues that matter very succinctly, and clearly for successful resolution, in favour of our nation’s patriotic goals and objectives. He is highly committed to promoting democratic principles, policies, procedures, processes and practices, and has the limitless capacities, for working with all Nigerians all over the country and in diaspora, and as well as foreigners of diverse background and perspectives.


John Kennedy Osuala, is a team player any day, any time, committed to national unity and integration, committed to the irrevocable indivisibility and indissolubility of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and also committed to the total elimination of poverty at all levels. John Kennedy Osuala has the innermost desires, to make a lasting, and enduring difference, towards the improvement of Nigeria’s private, and public services, as well as the lives of the entire people of Nigeria, Africa, and the world.


  1. John Kennedy Osuala, is a crystal clear thinker, who is able to think strategically, and translate his ideas into actionable plans, for the people of Nigeria.


  1. John Kennedy Osuala, is courageous and tough-minded enough, to effectively serve Nigeria; and carry out all the needed reforms, to make our country a leading economic force and the best nation on earth, through Nigeria’s Global One Vision principles, policies, procedures, programmes, and projects.


  1. John Kennedy Osuala, is a problem solver par excellence, who is able and willing, to look at a socio-economic or political situation, from multiple angles, and offer alternative ideas, and solution- oriented perspectives, to whatever problems he, or our nation Nigeria may face.


  1. John Kennedy Osuala, is an inclusive leader, who is able to effectively influence, and communicate with different political stakeholders, and constituent groups in the entire 36 states of the country, including Abuja FCT.


  1. John Kennedy Osuala, has a national, patriotic, and federalist mindset, and is usually very co-operative, and collaborative in working with others, to achieve set national goals.


  1. John Kennedy Osuala, has the rare strategic capability to inspire, motivate, and move all Nigerians to have strong achievement orientation, have personal initiative in becoming corrupt free, and maintaining their integrity; find new job opportunities, careers, and roles that play to their strengths and experiences, set new and demanding challenges through the earliest actualization of Nigeria’s Global One Vision, to make Nigerians the greatest people, and Nigeria the best nation of the 21st century of the 3rd Millennium on planet earth, to the eternal and greatest glory of God Almighty.



Finally, John Kennedy Osuala, is an honest, accessible, determined, dedicated, dependable, reliable, and committed pan-Nigerian patriot. He is a federalist, a nationalist, and a constructive political partner, you can trust, and count on, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. Below is his brief curriculum vitae.